Arm Machine

Welcome to the official site of Dinçel, Turkey’s leading brand in the production of sleeve machines and textile machines. You will add speed to your production with the arm machine that we produce specially for people who have expectations such as capacity production and technological investment. Our machines, where you can find all industry standards, have many quality certificates. In addition to manufacturing textile machines, we are able to perform spare parts and technical services of these machines.

Leader in Sleeve Machinery and Textile Machinery Production

Dinçel machine, which manufactures machines with arm and textile machines, is always with its customers with its technical service and after sales support. The machines we produce are domestic and export to many countries.

The criteria such as the quality, usability and functionality of our products are fixed by the positive feedback we receive from our customers. You can examine them in detail in our social media accounts.

You can review our products, get the necessary information about us or contact our customer representative via Contact page immediately.

Arm Machine

The most needed arm machine in the production sector is produced with care by Dinçel machine. In some parts of our product, we achieved perfection by using nano technology.

Because if you have a machine with arm and you need spare parts of this machine, we can meet this too.

Machine okay, spare part okay. And then? Of course, Dinçel machine never stops after-sales support from you. Moreover, technical service. You can examine the details on our arm machine page.

Textile Machinery

Developing technology works best in production. We can no doubt construct the following sentence: Technology = Speed ​​= Perfection

Istanbul-based sales for years as a textile machinery manufacturing equipment sales to various countries of the world rather than our office so we export all over Turkey.

We produce textile machinery for you by combining perfection with technology and functionality with skillful hands. Our machines have many quality certificates and are suitable for industry 4.0 infrastructure.

You can examine our product in detail with the products section in the menu above.

Technical Support

We have hands-on support to our customers who supply our products.

Spare Part

We produce all spare parts of the machines we produce continuously.

Support After Sale

We have after-sales support by phone or on-site if necessary.


Dincel Makina is always ready to serve you on the corporate scale in the Sleeve Machinery and Textile Machinery sector.

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Correct function, error-free application and nanotechnology in specific parts.



Uninterrupted support for our products around the clock.



We don’t think distances will be a problem.